How to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents During Winter

1 December 2014
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The days are getting shorter, and the temps are inevitably going to drop. Winter in New England is a messy combination of ice, snow, slush, and sleet–a perfect environment for costly slip and fall accidents. Here are five tips for avoiding accidents:

  1. Keep walkways and sidewalks shoveled and salted. This is the most important winter-weather tip we can offer to prevent slip and fall accidents. While some slip and fall accidents are hard to avoid, this is an easy way to eliminate unnecessary risk. Have a plan in place to keep areas clear and ice-free at all times.
  2. Keep walkways and entryways well-lit: It’s pretty easy to slip on an ice patch if you can’t see it. Keeping areas well-lit helps people avoid unexpected obstacles.
  3. Encourage proper footwear: It’s not a bad idea to incorporate season-specific signage or send a company-wide email reminding everyone of seasonal best practices. That could include a footwear memo (bring your work shoes and change into them), a walk slowly with short strides in potentially icy areas, keep hands out of pockets, and don’t carry large loads in inclement weather.
  4. Assist elderly people: Again, this might seem like common courtesy, but a reminder to look out for the elderly during chillier months when footing might be dangerous can help avoid dangerous falls.
  5. Beware of holiday parties! Drinking and….walking can be dangerous during holiday party time. If you’re hosting a holiday party on your premises, be sure to have proper “watch your step” signage and a plan in place to get people from A to B safely.

While so much of avoiding slip and fall accidents is common sense, taking extra precautions during the colder months can make a world of difference.

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