Former RI State Prosecutor

I’m a former RI State Prosecutor with 20 years of courtroom experience. Prior to being sworn in as a Special Assistant Attorney General I was a Criminal Investigator in the RI Attorney General’s Office. I’ve prosecuted hundreds of DUI cases. My knowledge and experience as a State Prosecutor has been invaluable to me on the defense side where I’ve been very successful.

“I want to put that experience and knowledge to work for you” I bring a strong passion and work ethic to each case. When necessary I’ve called experts to testify at trial in defense of my DUI & Refusal clients. I’ve issued subpoenas to the police to produce training manuals and other relevant documents. I dig deeper that what is written in a police report.

Police Officers have hired me to defend them on their own DUI charges.

I don’t leave any stone unturned. I personally interview all potential witnesses. I personally visit the scene of the stop or accident. I carefully review everything the that the police did, or importantly didn’t do. Every detail is important, and cases can be dismissed based on what may seem like a small, but ultimately very important detail. I know where the weakness can be found and exploited in court to obtain a dismissal, not guilty verdict, or reduced charges. I have had cases dismissed at the pre-trial stage after convincing the court that the initial stop was illegal. I’ve done jury trials, for capital offenses, including first degree murder.

In addition to being a dui defense attorney, I serve as an Assistant Town Solicitor for the Town of Narragansett, RI where I continue to advise the police and prosecute DUI and other misdemeanor offenses for the Town. Again, the experience on both sides has proven to be invaluable.

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What are the most common forms of divorce and how you help make the process easier?

The most common form is the divorce complaint and what's called the DR6. The divorce complaint is rather straight forward but the DR6 is not. The DR6 is an income and expense picture of the individual asking questions like: What's your income? What are your expenses? What are your assets? This form requires a lot of background information in looking at pay stubs, looking at property evaluation, statements of account and so on.

What I ask the client to do is at the first interview I have them bring me the latest account information that they have, and then, we basically show them how to read their own statements. It's amazing how many parties don't even understand how to read say an IRA statement or a mortgage statement or an appraisal, and so I think we have educated a lot of parties along the way in how to do that.