Drug Crimes

What is a Drug Crime?

Drug cases, generally speaking, are drug possession type of cases, with marijuana now being for the most part noncriminal. Just about every other narcotic that is a banned substance provides a felony charge if a person is in possession of that substance. There are possession alone charges, and there are possession with intent to deliver charges which are entirely more serious. There is possession with intent to deliver, or actually delivering a substance, or possessing narcotics in an amount large enough to basically trigger mandatory sentencing. Drug crimes vary. There are people who are in possession of a certain amount of prescription medication without a prescription, and there are people who are charged with possessing what are really considered illicit narcotics like cocaine or heroin, which you are never going to have a prescription for, and in large amounts. So it really can vary the amount of sentence you are looking at based on the nature of the allegations.

Why do I need an Attorney for a Drug Crime Offense?

You need the experience of an attorney for a drug crime offense. Drug cases almost always involve search issues, specific legal issues to suppression, and search and seizure type questions. Therefore, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable on the case law and how the facts are applied to that case law. There are many fourth amendment case laws which govern searches, searches of homes, and automobiles. Our collective experience in that area is extensive.

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