What is Embezzlement?

I would define embezzlement as theft that involves a taking from an entity in which the alleged perpetrator has a trust relationship, frequently an employer employee relationship. So, someone to whom funds were entrusted who takes those funds for his own use.

Why is it Important to Have an Attorney for an Embezzlement Charge?

These cases tend to be very paper intensive sorts of cases. Oftentimes, the embezzlement is only something that is found years after the fact and they are driven oftentimes by forensic investigations. It is rare that a person just cut a check for themselves in a large amount. It is usually an allegation that comes where the person was skimming off the top or doing something that was a little more subtle and usually it has to be proven through some sort of forensic audit through the company. The company usually finds out they are missing a certain amount of money that should otherwise be there. They start looking at their own books and realize that someone has been taking it. Sometimes there’s a mixture of internet in some meaningful way in embezzlement type things. Either way, you need a lawyer because you need someone with the ability to independently look at those books, first of all, and lastly as in all cases, then whether the charges are supported by the evidence they have at their disposal.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience. We all have some experience with white collar cases. Part of my practice involves corporate clients, so I am very familiar with the interworking of small to midsize corporations. Bringing that experience to these cases is helpful. Our resources include three former prosecutors with a total of close to thirty years of experience collectively as state prosecutors. So, just about every type of crime that can be charged in the state of Rhode Island has been handled by one of the attorneys affiliated with our office. Additionally, well beyond experience there’s a certain aspect where there would be an application of a personal touch to the client in our approach towards cases. The philosophy that we all have is we don’t leave any stone unturned. When we are doing discovery we peel back every layer to see where there might be evidence that is exculpatory or favorable to our client.

What Would be the Legal Process Involved in an Embezzlement Charge?

Embezzlement under our law is exclusively a felony. The thing I would focus on in embezzlement cases is that it is a long process. The investigations themselves can take a long period of time. Then, if a decision is made to charge, then all of the voluminous paperwork that probably gave rise to the charge needs to be reviewed and needs to be then analyzed in some independent fashion. And that can all take a longer period of time than, say, a simple felony assault case might take. I would say the legal process obviously about charging and the discovery process and the lead up to trial will take a greater period of time.

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