Internet Crimes

What is an Internet Crime?

Now days, internet crimes fall into a couple of categories. One type is identity fraud or general fraud where you are accessing the internet for purposes of assuming someone else’s identify, or you are doing so just to steal in some meaningful way. The other aspect that I think people would consider an internet crime more commonly now, would be allegations of using the internet for purposes of some sort of allegation of something inappropriate of a sexual nature, more often than not, in some way with a child or someone under the age of seventeen. The allegation is usually that you are accessing the internet for purposes of something that is unlawful by way of sexual contact with a child.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for an Internet Crime Charge?

Oftentimes, the defense is a very technical one. There may be in these situations evidence that a layperson is never going to understand how one could defend themselves in these sorts of charges. Because of the nature of the internet, although it’s been around for a while, there is still a general lack of knowledge about how these cases are proved, and specifically how they can be defended.

Why Choose Us?

Our collective combined experience sets us apart from the other firms and puts us in a unique position to handle these types of cases. Our resources include three former prosecutors with a total of close to thirty years of experience collectively as state prosecutors. I have had experience in a case that involved internet issues by way of a defense in a case. The defensive alibi was used in a case that I handled. So, I do have some specific experience with, basically, forensic computer issues and the defenses that can arise. Additionally, well beyond experience there’s a certain aspect where there would be an application of a personal touch to the client in our approach towards their case. The philosophy that we all have is we don’t leave any stone unturned. When we are doing discovery we peel back every layer to see where there might be evidence that is exculpatory or favorable to our client.

What is the Legal Process Involved in Handling an Internet Crime Charge?

Once you are charged, what needs to happen is, oftentimes, when someone is alleging that you have done something by way of the internet that equals a criminal offense, you need to sit down with your lawyer to look at all the evidence that the prosecution has to see if there’s anything about it that is defendable. Is there something by way of an actual computer analysis that they can prove at trial; i.e., does the computer that for the account they say sent this message, or whatever the case may be, show that it was actually sent from some IPS address that belongs to you? Can they actually fix on the location? Sometimes they can’t fix the location of where you are because of the mobile nature of things these days. So, there is a lot of analysis as to whether the state has the ability to show that the internet crime that is alleged against you is actually something they can prove was you.

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