Sex Crime

What Classifies as a Sex Crime?

Sexual assault is the most serious of what would be considered sex crimes. There are varying degrees of sexual assault allegations between first, second and third degree. They carry different penalties, obviously. They are entirely serious as one of them, the first degree charge, carries up to life in prison. Every one of them is a felony, even the least of them. A very prominent area of law now is sex offender law. For people who are convicted of a sex crime, a number of different charges can lead you to having to register as a sex offender. It is a very technical area of law with many novel issues that have not been seen before because the statute is relatively new.

Sex assault in the first degree involves an allegation of an act of sexual penetration by force or coercion. For sex assault in the second degree, they enforce the coercion, but rather sexual contact as opposed to sexual penetration. Third degree is an age based crime for any adult person over the age of 18 who has sexual penetration with someone between the ages of 14 to 15. Basically, if you are 14 or 15 years old and you have sex, even consensual penetration, with somebody over the age of 18, which is an act of third degree sexual assault. The term “rape” is generally understood to be a first degree sexual assault. It is a felony and a capital offense that carries up to life imprisonment. In issues of consent, it usually goes beyond what a crime is. The parties, generally speaking, know one another. Many cases involve two people who know each other or they are in some sort of relationship. In a vast majority of cases, it is an issue of consent.

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