Fathers Rights

Why would a father need an attorney to help fight for his rights in child custody matters?

It used to be harder for a Father to get custody and placement of his child. The tides have turned. More judges are recognizing Fathers rights and finding Fathers’ fit and proper to have custody and placement of the child(ren). A judge will look to the best interest of the child(ren) and weigh a number of factors before a decision is made as to which parent should have custody of the child. We are very familiar with those factors and how judges have interpreted them in the past.

How can you help a father gain custody of their child?

At Martineau, Davis & Associates, we have a history of fighting for father’s rights and have been successful in securing custody orders and other equal access rights for Fathers.

There was a dad who came to see me, he wasn’t married to the mom but they shared a child together, a young girl. They had lived together for the first two years of the child’s life and then mom decided to move away to another state within the United States and she took the child with her.

Dad came to see me because he was upset that the mother removed the child from Rhode Island and relocated to another state. The Father wanted to know about his rights regarding custody and visitation with his daughter. He also had concerns about the mother’s stability and ability to care for the child. A Miscellaneous Petition for Custody and Visitation of the minor child was instituted in Rhode Island asserting Rhode Island had jurisdiction of the child since the child had resided there for the required months immediately preceding the filing of the Petition. Shortly after the commencement of the proceedings, we discovered that the child was in harm’s way after the Father visited the child and noticed cigarette burns on the child’s body.

Immediately we requested a temporary restraining order for immediate and temporary custody of the child. The Rhode Island Family court judge granted Father’s request. The restraining order was sent to the State the child was residing with Mom and working with police in that state the child was taken from mom and placed in the custody of the Father. The child stayed with the Father until the age of majority.

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