Criminal Testimonials

I am grateful to Emile and the attorneys at Martineau Davis. In the past year I've had two matters where I needed a miracle and Emile came through. The first involved a speeding ticket for — I hate to say it — but 130 miles per hour. The judge was determined to suspend my license but Emile continued to advocate for me — even after the judge asked him to sit down. The speed on the ticket was reduced and I was able to keep my license, and my job. Following that, a car that I owned was involved in an accident and charges were brought against me. Emile was able to identify weaknesses in the case which was ultimately dismissed. At the same time, Mark was able to successfully negotiate with my insurance company to ensure that all of damage was covered.

Thank you Emile & Mark.


I am a college student that was pulled over for a traffic violation at 2:00 am and arrested for possession of marijuana and cited for several traffic violations. I hired the law firm of Martineau, Davis & Associates to represent me. Emile, a former prosecutor, was able to get all of the traffic violations dismissed. After many discussions with Emile the State offered to file the criminal charges for one year. Most people I witnessed in court accepted the filing but Emile explained that if I were to get into trouble within the following year, even for something as simple as underage drinking (I am a college student) I would face the original charges in addition to the new charges. Based on Emile's thorough review of the facts he was able to identify several material weaknesses in the State's case, as a result all of the criminal charges were dismissed.

The lawyers at MDA either took my calls or returned my calls promptly. Even though I am young they treated me with respect, took the time to answer all my questions and made me very comfortable. I highly recommend the attorneys at MDA.