DUI Testimonials

When I came to Martineau Davis I was facing a mandatory jail sentence for a 2nd offense DUI in Rhode Island. Even worse, if I were convicted of that charge in Rhode Island I was going to be sentenced as a third DUI offender in Massachusetts. My life seemed to be in ruins. Thankfully I was able to get my life back on track. I am forever grateful to Emile for how he handled my case. He filed a brief with the court outlining why the charges needed to be dismissed. He negotiated with the police and the prosecutors for hours. He argued vigorously before the Judge. Understandably, neither the Judge nor the prosecutors were sympathetic to my case. In the end Emile prevailed. I was most impressed with his command of the law, and his ability to quickly recall all of the details of my case. My 2nd offense DUI was reduced to a reckless driving charge. I was spared jail in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Thank you Emile and the wonderful people at Martineau Davis.


I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. As a police officer, my career was on the line. I was charged with DUI after failing the breathalyzer test by blowing .202. Emile worked tirelessly on my case. He was incredibly thorough. The DUI charge was reduced to a motor vehicle offense and I was able to keep my job. I was very fortunate to have found someone as dedicated and skilled as Emile as my attorney.

I would highly recommend him and his firm.


Being from out of state I really didn't know who to call in RI. A good friend of mine recommended Emile, as he was a former Rhode Island State Prosecutor who had prosecuted hundreds of DUI cases. I was nervous about the charges, as I had a high profile job, and I knew that my career may be at stake. Emile and his law firm were outstanding. The DUI charge was completely dismissed even though I had taken, and failed the breathalyzer test. My only fine was for a $75.00 traffic offense and I was able avoid any license suspension. I must say Emile reviewed the case with a fine tooth comb... everything the police did - or didn't do - was carefully scrutinized. Emile didn't leave any stone unturned and it paid off.

I would highly recommend you and your firm. Thank you again.