Family Law Testimonials

As I write this testimonial for Greg Tumolo, my settlement check is on its way to me. It’s a good feeling. Greg is the dynamo who made it happen for me. But, that is not all. My case involved sensitive family matters and considerations, and Greg was far more than a technically proficient attorney, he was a true friend and offered great counsel. For those of you who are contemplating pursuing a legal case, you don’t have a lot to look forward to, what with questionable attorneys and tactics in many areas, unpredictable judges, the lack of any guarantees, and costs that can quickly escalate. Greg came highly referred to me last year by my previous attorney who held him in high esteem, and who herself became a judge. The timing of her referral was good because I had just wasted an entire year hoping the matter would somehow resolve itself. Cases need to be pursued. If you think simply waiting somehow resolves problems you’ll soon discover otherwise. Greg is honest and effective at analyzing a case and developing a reasonable plan to resolve. Greg actually develops several options and empowers his clients to decide for themselves, with counsel and support, which path they want to pursue. Either as a plaintiff or defendant, if you’re fortunate enough to have Greg in your corner, you will fare very well indeed. Should any of Greg’s prospective clients seek a personal phone call to me to further affirm what I have written above, I would be pleased to field any phone calls from them and elaborate on my testimonial.

I have engaged Gregory Tumolo on several occasions. The issues were both intensely personal and financial. Greg handled them all with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and kindness. He also has a strong background in legal research which is a great bonus. When the crux of an issue needed a finer precision in order to win, he would come up with case law that was obscure to the opposition. Greg and the entire staff at Martineau, Davis & Associates go the extra mile for their clients. I would recommend them as your “Lawyers for Life!”

­Joanne C. Miller

Within a year of losing a son to a horrible accident I found myself served with divorce papers. I didn’t know where to turn. A good friend of mine recommended Attorney Lynn Abbott because Lynn had provided excellent representation for her in her divorce. I immediately felt comfortable and secure when I met Lynn despite feeling very anxious and nervous at our first meeting. Lynn took the time to explain the whole divorce process to me in a way that I could easily understand. I was not looking for a lawyer that would give me the cold shoulder or not care about my personal situation. Lynn was nothing like that. Every time I called she answered or called me back promptly. She was always professional and personable in her approach with me. When matters with my husband were crazy and unreasonable Lynn stood her ground and advocated for my needs. My complete confidence in her abilities has caused me to refer two people over to Lynn.

Rhonda N

I have worked with Greg Tumolo of Martineau, Davis & Associates for over a year now on a number of legal matters, both personal and professional. He has proven himself to be an excellent lawyer. No matter what legal issue I give to him, I always get a prompt and thorough response. I feel that he truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. He always has a smile and is a pleasure to work with.

Stacey MacDonald